Special Panchkarma Program

Special Panchkarma Treatment Package of 21 Days
Based on the constitution and requirement of individual, we offer a special ayurvedic cleansing treatment beginning with pooja , prayer which includes of deep cleansing , special herbal pack for skin, daily pranayam and dhyana , yoga and meditation session, special ayurvedic rejuvenation, diet , medicated ayurvedic massage . It helps to remove toxin from digestive system, lungs , blood vessels , nervous system , strengthen muscles and joints , immune system , rejuvenate skin and body , improve appetite , sleep quality , sexuality, concentration and memory.

Removal of toxic substances from body is mainly carried out by our liver. A timely rejuvenation program eliminates fatigue , infuses energy. Our program “Nirmala” involves the tradition of panchkarma and upakara therapies for purification and detoxification and specially designed Kayaseka and Sirodhara procedure for rejuvenation. It also balance emotion and maintain mental clarity. 

Abhyanga is a massage of the body with dasha specific warm herb infused oil. the oil is usually premixed with hurbs for specific conditions.

Abhyanga is one of the most important therapies for balancing vata, beneficial for the whole nervous system , calmin the mind-body connection, giving vitality, rejuvenating the skin, and balancing the whole physiology , increase circulation, specially to nenu endings, toning of muscles, lubrication of the joints, improved elemination of ipurtiees from the body. softer smoother skin, reduce obescity, promotes rest, relaxation of mental happiness, improves sleep pattern. enhances color and complexion , retards the aging process. strengthen vision and cures disease of the scalp.

Rejuvinte your Mind and Body